Skin Types

Sensitive Skin is reactive, often red, blushes easily, can be itch or dry and has fine veins

Normal Skin has a velvety touch with no visible wrinkles with a bright clear complexion

Dry Skin is often flaky, has fine lines or wrinkles, a dull complexion and feels tight after washing

Oily Skin has a course uneven texture, visible pores and prone to acne and blemishes. It can vary according to the climate

Combination Skin is partly dry/oily, is prone to blackheads. Oiliness is more obvious in the T zone, down the centre of the face

Choosing the right product for your skin type

Sensitive skin choices are unscented moisturisers, Chamomile & Lavender moisturiser, night cream, Rose water olive oil soaps.

Normal skin choices are Lavender & Carrot moisturiser, Rose & Patchouli moisturiser, Night Cream, Citrus Cleanser, Tangerine & Jojoba Exfoliant, Rose Water, facial toner. Olive oil soaps.

Dry Skin choices are Day time Rose & patchouli moisturiser, Night cream, citrus cleanser, rose water, tangerine & jojoba exfoliant, olive oil soaps

Oily skin choices are Jasmine & Ylang ylang moisturiser, Citrus cleanser, Facial toner tangerine & jojoba moisturiser, olive oil soaps

Combination skin, choose the appropriate products from the list above for the specific areas of the skin, Jasmine& ylang Ylang moisturiser, citrus cleanser, facial toner, tangerine& jojoba exfoliant