Beauty From The Garden

Beauty from the garden – Slow beauty

This morning while I was hanging out the washing early, the beautiful fragrance was wafting over from the Rose geranium growing wild and as it likes in the corner of the back yard. It brought a lovely smile of contentment to my face and thoughts of how I use it and fresh lavender in my beauty routine.

I make a tea out of flowers and leaves of either the rose geranium or the lavender by pouring boiling water over the leaves in my herbal tea pot. I leave it stand  for maybe 10 minutes, then bottle it up and store it in the fridge for 1-2 weeks. Then remake as needed.

I sometimes just take it into the bathroom when washing my face in the mornings and put some tin my hands and splash it on my face, or put it in a spray bottle and spray it on my hair, or just pour it into a bowl to soak my feet in. So simple but so refreshing and full of health benefits for skin and hair.

Making your own skin care products can be so good for the soul, and is part of my journey to slow mindful living.

Rose geranium Water is useful for all skin conditions and helps to keep the skin supple. It has a balancing effect on the mind lifts the  spirit. You can do the same with rose petals.

Lavender water is soothing and antiseptic. It refreshes skin and hair and can also soothe blemished skin. Lavender is well known for its calming properties.

Great Heath Club / Aromacare Naturally Post


Welcome to The Great Health Club, the new home of Aromacare Naturally Products, where we plan to incorporate healthy lifestyle information and products. To have healthy skin, glowing at any age it is of the utmost importance to eat a healthy diet containing fresh fruit and vegetables and good quality protein, drink fresh filtered water, remain physically active and have a happy positive mind as well as regularly using the wonderfully natural chemical free Aromacare Naturally skin care products.

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We also need to look at the toxic load we subject our bodies to every day.  To do this consider using skin care products that are free of chemical additives, the shorter the ingredients list the better. Reduce the amount of chemicals used in the home for cleaning and pesticides. Make wise choices when purchasing any product, is it environmentally sound?

Margaret is a certified Food and Nutrition Coach, an aromatherapist, a massage therapist and a Registered Nurse.

She offers food ad nutritional coaching, which also involves lifestyle coaching online by Skype or in person

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The Great Health Club also offers information and therapy sessions using mild hyperbaric oxygen at our home clinic in Hervey Bay. Hyperbaric oxygen is a method of delivery high concentrations of pure oxygen to the body to assist healing and as an anti-aging aid. I penetrates deeply into the tissues because of the pressure.

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Join as a member of the great health club to receive 5% discount on all products and services. Membership is free for the first year.

I often make a new product as a trial and offer these products at discounted prices. No fancy labels but the usual great quality natural skin care products. While stocks last I will be giving a tube of Roman Chamomile and Palmarosa hand cream FREE with every order. It contains organic coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil and  organic cocoa butter.

Business and Website Updates

I am currently updating the website as my business is changing. I will continue to make a small sell the wonderful Aromacare Naturally range of skin care products but have removed some from sale. I am now working as a food and nutrition coach and have included some dietary supplements that l recommend for sale.

Macadamia and Lemon Myrtle Hand Cream

We are constantly listening to your feed back and changing our products to meet customer needs.

Our MACADAMIA AND LEMON MYRTLE HAND CREAM has proved very popular. The fresh uplifting aroma appeals to most.

The use of essential oils in products far exceeds just the aroma. Lemon myrtle essential oil is antibacterial so assists in hand creams by reducing the number of harmful organisms on the skin.